We are now bringing our chocolates to you!

Chocolate Gifts

From our best sellers, OMG, Oopsie, Giant Turtles, to simple yet delicious truffles, we have plenty of locally handcrafted chocolates to choose from.

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Years ago, John & Caroline Longhurst had a dream of bringing good quality chocolates to Prince George. Bringing forth their dedication and innovation, John and Caroline began the journey to making Ohh Chocolat Café a reality.

In the fall of 2007, Caroline flew a few provinces over for one-on-one training with a Master Chocolatier in London, Ontario, and never looked back. She continued to immerse herself in the world of chocolate and graduated from Ecole Chocolat with honours.

The following year, John and Caroline developed a plan for the creation of Ohh Chocolat Café. Caroline’s great desire was to combine chocolate, coffee and dessert with a relaxing and cheerful environment. John and Caroline’s dream became a reality on October 1, 2008, when Ohh Chocolat Café was born.

Ohh Chocolat Café has continued to grow and is now one of Prince George’s top destination locations. The variety of delectable treats is always expanding; some treats, such as the signature Oopsies, are created through accidental mishaps; and others, such as their signature Mayan Hot Chocolate, are meticulously crafted.

John, Caroline and the rest of the team at Ohh Chocolat Café are truly enamoured to bring wholesome goodness to the heart and soul.